He sifts through grains of sand
the color of Sky and Earth,
creating clockwork spirals
on the cracked canyon floor.

He is an artist,
painting with the ashes
of deities burning in rusted cans,
and stirring faded colors
with the bleached bones
of a desolate coyote.

He opens worlds,
singing obscure twilight myths
etched into his skin
with blood and soot,
and carries the aching sun
into the darkness of desert chill.

He calls the spirit eater
from collapsing constellations,
and dances intricate patterns
to the pulse of the howling moon,
as the sky mutters thunder
in complex indistinctness
and burning stars drip
from a black liquid sky.

~ Julie Shiel

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I haven’t been posting since I was censored, but I need what little bit of relief I can get from writing. I did write some things and not post, but damn, I’m already so isolated.. I don’t need to make it worse.

There is so much noise in my head. I get overwhelmed with the things that are hurting me until I feel like the pressure will just make me explode. I don’t think I have ever been so alone as I am now. My brother is in jail, my grandma is 89. R is busy with her day to day and besides, I am supposed to be her rock. Even if they were near, I could not talk to them about these things on my mind. T was my family and I still, even now, have a hard time believing what she did. I guess it’s a bit late in life to learn that while blood doesn’t count for much, if they aren’t blood they can walk away. That’s not really right though, because blood can do that too. Anyone can. I ran across the last letter I sent her. I want to forgive her. But I think she is still in denial that she ever did anything wrong.

I don’t understand that. I don’t understand why she did what she did. I don’t care how much fucking booze she had in her system or how bad she’s addicted, she was the only constant in my life and I never thought she was even capable of doing these things.

I know this is disjointed and rambling. You should see the inside of my head right now. This is blood letting is all. Let a little bit out before it rips me apart as it overflows.