It’s been a few days since Wraith passed. I think I’m ok, but then something makes me think of him, or see him and I start crying again. I know it’s normal and that I need time to grieve. I just wish I didn’t. I’ve been having RLS and not sleeping much. Last night I got about 2 hours so after Brian and Raven left I tried to go back to sleep. However, a lady called me and said she went to get Wraith for cremation. That makes me think of his poor body laying there. Meanwhile I have Rudy warm and asleep on my chest and to think that he may be gone very soon also is just too much.

The past couple of months I’m struggling financially and it will continue for a couple more months, at least. It doesn’t matter… it will work out eventually. Rudy won’t eat for me today so I have to go get more A/D and fluids. I abhor giving him those because I have to put a huge needle in his poor little body. I’d rather take it myself than give it to him.

I’m too tired and dispirited for much more today.






Rudy, Wraith, Merlin


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