Our kitty Wraith passed on last night. He got stuck behind the couch a week or so ago and could barely move due to his arthritis. We were afraid he was going to die then before we found out what it was. He’s been on pain meds and was doing much better. He was moving around again, eating and purring. My baby Rudy is sick as well. They tell me he’s dying but I have a hard time believing it. Between the two of them, I’ve been busy nursing cats. Raven has been a huge help. Last night Wraith was in bed with me. He was laying up against my side when I fell asleep, and when I pet him he gave me his rusty little purr that I love so much. And now I’m crying again.

I hadn’t been asleep for long when I woke to a noise. I think it was him falling that woke me. At any rate, I woke to find him on the floor beside the bed, on his back. Brian came in and we talked to Wraith and pet him but he was unresponsive. His paws were twitching and he was panting, but that was all. Brian feared his back or neck was broken and we were afraid to move him. After several calls, the vet returned our call. (It was 1:30am) Wraith wasn’t reacting and we knew he was going but he needed some help. We took him in to the vet and the Doctor said he had a stroke. I don’t think Wraith was aware of anything by then so we kissed him goodbye and let him go.

Wraith was Brian’s favorite and they were buddies. Wraith loved him. I know Brian is hurt by his loss. But he won’t share even that with me. He won’t let me comfort him or offer any comfort. I wanted to hug him and be here for him but I know he’ll only push me away so I feel like I can’t help and it’s frustrating. We both lost the furbaby we loved.

I just had to call and cancel Wraith’s appt with the other vet for his annual shots. I didn’t even schedule Rudy because they tell me he’s dying. I’d like to get his bloodwork run again but the vet bills have been so much lately, as well as other unexpected bills, and now Christmas is coming. Anyway. Wraith was old. We really don’t know how old, but I’m sure it was older than Ali thought. I’m glad he got to spend the last part of his life with us, with people who loved him and treated him the way he should be treated. It always rips my heart out when one of my cats dies, and I always miss them, but the joy they bring to the lives of those who love them is worth it. There are always so many cats that need loving homes.

My head feels like it’s going to explode and my thoughts are a bit disjointed. I just needed to write a little about what happened. I’ll miss you, Wraithy.


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