It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything on here. I guess I’ve been busy with life. I’m in a better place now than I was last winter… looking back, I was pretty depressed. Things are better.

Raven moved down here in June and that’s been great. I think it’s been good for all of us. Her most of all. I love to see her slowly getting better. She and Brian get along great, and it’s wonderful to see the people I love most smiling and joking around. Brian is teaching her knitting, and she seems to be doing well with it. She helps Brian with various things that I can’t and he is protective of her. I still worry about her and I’ll feel better when she’s made some friends, but overall she seems happy. Raven and I went to the local comic con and she dressed up as Death of the Endless.She looked great. 🙂 We have gotten into comics again. I used to collect years ago but I was spending too much on it an stopped. Now I’m collecting again and trying to keep a lid on how many I read. The main thing was the new Sandman: Overture series, but there are a bunch of others as well. Raven has to find a job so she can afford to buy stuff like that, although I do buy her some here and there. It’s finally cooling off here too, which means we can spend time outside.

I’m looking forward to our road trip in the Spring. She hasn’t traveled anywhere yet and I think she’ll love it. She’d like to go overseas and I’d like to take her, but one thing at a time. I had thought about taking her to Mexico for Day of the Dead. I know she’d love that. I keep forgetting to update my passport… so I should try to do that this week.

I’ll try to write more again… Brian actually told me to write today, but it’s something I should have been doing.