I gave You something I’ve never given anyone before. I stepped off the edge and trusted You to catch me, to hold me, to keep me safe. I gave You everything I had, everything that I am. Now for You to deny its very existence shows that it apparently doesn’t mean that much to You. Well it did to me. It meant that I would uproot myself and give up everything I had to be with You. It meant that I would trust You completely. It became part of my identity. Now I feel like You are denying what I gave to You, what I entrusted to You. I don’t even think You want it, but it’s not something I can take back either. This is not returnable. You can’t swap it for something else.

What You could do is communicate with me, and tell me why You feel the way You do and what it is You expect. I’ve asked You repeatedly but You have no answer. If You have no expectations, how am I supposed to know what I need to live up to? Are You comparing me to women of Your past? I am myself, and I’m here right now and I love You. I’m also deeply wounded and need You. This silence is killing me.


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