Away for a short while

So my computer has been dying for quite a while now. I know it needs a new hard drive; it was telling me every 20 minutes before I turned the notification off. I hope that’s all it needs but we shall see. I have to take it in to see how much they’re going to charge to fix it.

I just got a Kindle Fire, and am trying to learn how to use it. So I’ll be able to check email and such, but will be limited to how much web stuff I can do. Typing on it is irritating as hell but I imagine I’ll get used to it eventually.

I have so many books… and I never want to let go of them. My preference I think will always be a paper book that I can hold in my hands and put on my shelf. I often re-read my books… going back to favorite authors now and again. At the moment I’m on my second reading of Game of Thrones. However, the Kindle will allow me to get other books that I may only want to read once, or that are more for reference, and cut down on the number of books I add to my library. The kindle will be something I can take with me when I travel so there will be one less bag to lug around. 

So… I’ll most likely not be blogging while my pc is getting fixed. I tried to log into my account on kindle, unsuccessfully, and I doubt if I’d be typing that much on it anyway. I’m hoping they can fix it in the store and not have to send it back to the manufacturer.

For now, have a picture of my handsome kitty Merlin. 🙂 Image

See you when I get back.


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