Orb Weavers and prattling on


I am not yet familiar with this site so I’m basically testing here. This lovely lady lives in the jasmine in my overgrown garden. She’s grown much larger since this photo was taken and is probably the largest orb weaver I’ve ever seen. Every year I start seeing these around late summer, building their webs, hunting, and finally mating. The male is a tiny little thing. I like spiders very much, but I don’t claim to be an expert on them in any way. I’m not sure how she lures a mate, or decides which is the right one. Perhaps she eats him when she’s done. Nature is brutal.

When I was in Peru I loved the pink-toed tarantulas. They were everywhere, from the forest floor to the canopy, living in strange bromeliads. I loved them, but then I loved everything about the jungle. I wish I could go back. Of all the places I’ve been, Peru and Egypt were my favorites, and now Egypt is in turmoil. There is so much of the world I have not seen, in a way it seems a waste to return to a place I’ve already visited, but in another way it doesn’t. I was filled with this happiness when I was there and I wanted to stay.

Anyway, the photo test seems to be successful. I’ll have to get an updated photo of her. She’s been getting fat with mosquitoes. I’ll try a real blog post later.


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